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Policy Positions

We have a lot of problems that have been ignored, including homelessness, human trafficking, gang violence, substance abuse, crimes with no accountability, and the outright erosion of liberty and rights of the people in the district. Now we have no choice but to fight to restore the people's voices from IL2 in Washington DC, which has been hijacked by very partisan politicians beholden to lobbyists and special interest groups that funnel money to their campaigns. 

In 2021, Democrat Gov JB Pritzker reneged on his campaign promise to the people of the state, saying he was going to commission an outside non-partisan entity to redraw the legislative redistricting map of Illinois. He lied to Illinois and delivered a very partisan, unconstitutional gerrymandered redistricting map in late 2021 that disenfranchises taxpayers in the state for another several years.


My own district IL2, included in the Democrat Party's gerrymander scheme, will continue to face the same problems if we don't get bad leadership out of office. What is bad leadership? It is the politicians, including incumbent Democrat Rep. Robin Kelly, who continually advocate for PARTY over the PEOPLE mentality.


What you Should Know about Democrat Incumbent Rep. Robin Kelly

Rep. Kelly is HEAD of the IL Democrat Party, so we know very well she had her say in the gerrymandered map her party just delivered. With Illinois downsizing from 18 to 17 seats, the map, which will be used for elections through 2030, is geared toward creating a congressional delegation of 14 Democrats and three Republicans. The current split is 13 to 5. Here (below) is the news story covering the secret room only Democrats were allowed to be included in behind a lock door where they gerrymandered the map. This is honest and good leadership for the people?


Rep Kelly continues to endorse bad incumbents in her party who have hurt our district, including the failed Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who has unleased a war on the people by advocating for criminals over the safety of communities and gave cover to the proven hate crime hoaxer and liar Jussie Smollett.

Foxx's aim to get incarceration rates low for political expediency has resulted in thousands of criminals free to roam the streets to commit more crimes, which has essentially held the district people hostage and tied the hands of law enforcement. This is Rep Robin Kelly's Democrat Party mentality, to create chaos and mayhem under the guise of social justice and continue to support bad leadership in her party. With President Joe Biden's approval rating sinking to the low 30s, this is also a reflection of Rep. Kelly and her endorsement of policies that aren't working for the middle class.


Specifically, it is not social justice for anyone when our kids can't walk to school safely or moms can't even drive to work in the morning without fear of being hit by a stray bullet. Or a business owner can't even protect what they have worked so hard for to contribute to a local community because thugs are allowed to riot and steal with impunity.

I join others in the district in fighting back against BAD DEMOCRAT POLICIES! Enough is enough! No more career politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouth. It is time we the people hold them accountable to act on our behalf to promote the will of the people and policies that lead to FIXING problems not CREATING problems. 

  • Pro-Life

I stand for the sanctity of life, from the beginning to the end. I am a single mom, I know personally how hard it is to raise a child on your own. However, it is my belief we can do things to strengthen life for single parent families, not sell the notion that aborting life is the key. If we can't be right about protecting the most defenseless among us, then nothing much else matters. No tax money should be used to fund abortion of a baby because not all taxpayers agree with this. Advocacy and assistance for adoption must increase to push for supporting moral choices to protect human life. Right now, there are waiting lists for families waiting to adopt children in need of homes. We are living in a time now too that birth rates are at an all-time low. This alone has long term ramifications on society. The economic consequences are severe. In the 1960s, there were six people of working age for every retired person. Today, the ratio is three-to-one. By 2035, it will be two-to-one.

  • Pro-Liberty and Pro-Limited Government

I will use the Constitution as a litmus test to gauge whether a law infringes on our rights. My feeling is the government in recent times has become so big, bulky and emboldened. We must have liberty-minded Representatives in Congress now more than ever. I will work to keep the Government out of our pockets and out of our lives as much as we can to stop and curtail the massive overreach it is guilty of. Our forefathers did not envision the big, bloated government we have today. The size and scope of each government institution must be audited and assessed for reform.

  • Pro-2nd Amendment

The Right to Bear Arms was created to prevent a tyrannical government overtaking power of the people. Our Second Amendment rights allow people in my district, including those in rural areas, to adequately protect their farms, homes and families when law enforcement cannot be there to assist. It is our right as free people to be able to protect ourselves from impending danger. No politician, especially the ones who have their own taxpayer funded security detail, should be lecturing us about why we need to give up our 2nd Amendment Right. Period. 

  • Pro-Free Markets

(Capitalism works. Crony capitalism must be addressed head on and squashed.) Free markets mean anyone and everyone can participate in the system to earn a living and provide for their families. We must not fall for the Socialist and Marxist Communist gimmick that sells the notion the government will take care of you! No. The government does a horrible job of taking care of people. The government is there to protect our rights, and often it seems (based on how politically charged and corrupt is has become because of lobbyists and special interest groups,) if they can't even do that correctly, we cannot trust they will take care of the people. It is up to us to keep government in check too. 

  • Pro-School Choice

School choice is good because it returns the power of education and opportunity back to the student, not a system. When there is choice, the options are forced to up their game to compete. Right now, parents see the value more than ever to have the power of choice in education. I stand with choice. I would support a voucher system.

  • Pro-Strong Border Security

The government has an obligation to protect its borders. Right now, an open and porous border is not only proving to be dereliction of duty of politicians, but it also is a national security risk.​ It is immoral to have an open border system that promotes human trafficking, illegal coyotes and smuggling of drugs and illegal arms into our country. We are a welcoming country. My family is from Mexico, and we emigrated to the U.S. using the legal channels of the system. 

  • Pro-Voter IDs and Election Integrity

We need voter IDs to maintain election integrity. If you need a drivers license to operate a vehicle, or if you need to show an ID to get inside a bar, you can show an ID to cast your vote. If we don't protect our election system, there is no Republic anymore. I would also promote immediate consistent auditing of all elections in our state and country if statistical anomies are uncovered in precincts. To not conduct auditing of elections reduces the faith in our elections by the people.

  • Pro-Medical Freedom

We need to end the unconstitutional mandates and coercion tactics of vaccines. Period! Nobody should be losing their job because they won't take a vaccine. I want informed consent. What is that? People need all the data from Big Pharma regarding the efficacy and safety of the new experimental vaccines only on the market for less than a year. I also want to know which politicians took money from Big Pharma.

  • Pro-Deregulation

We need to reduce the red-tape, and clean up regulations that have strangled the free market system.


  • Pro-Term Limits

I would support the limit of three-terms in Congress and one term in the Senate. Three terms in congress is equivalent to 6 years, while one term in the Senate is equal to 6 years. That is long enough for one to serve to help make a difference and limits the power of lobbyists and special interest groups have on politicians they give money to.

  • Pro-Security

I support the needs of our military​ and making sure our country has the latest technology to protect its people from foreign invasions and terrorist attacks. 

  • Pro-Law Enforcement

We cannot tie the hands of our first line of defense. It is essential we keep our communities safe and how we do this is by having open communication with our law enforcement department and transparency. People are stepping up to put their lives on the line to put on a uniform and badge to protect our communities. We must stand with them, not against them. 

  • Pro-Veteran

We need to make sure our veterans are not getting sidelined in their healthcare. If they put their lives and health on the line for our country, we owe it to them to make sure their health needs are adequately being met after being exposed to things like burn pits and chemicals or hazards overseas. I also believe we need to address mental health issues and addiction issues related with our veterans who struggle to reintegrate into society post service. Many see and endure things the average citizen never has to experience. They are human beings and their mental well-being upon return should be as important. We also should be making sure we are not just throwing Big Pharma options at our veterans. We should consider holistic and Chiropractic care as well, which may be added to a healthcare regimen.

  • Environment

We need to all care about being good stewards of the environment and taking care of the natural world around us, including our air and water. We should be promoting the clean-up of our waterways, and lakes. The EPA has to be more transparent on the chemicals found and allowed in our water systems and we have to be addressing this continually to keep the safety of the life on our earth a priority.

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